According to a variety of reports, wine consumption in China continues to soar.  Word is over 99% of of their market consumes red wine exclusively over white.  According to Ipsos and Robb Report, red wine surpassed traditional Chinese liquor as the most popular alcoholic drink consumed in China in 2011.  In fact, on a list of preferred luxury items, China's top three luxury item of choice for 2011 were cars (55%), watches (39%) and red wine (34%).
What's the big deal about red wine in China and why is white wine so apparently neglected?  In Chinese culture, the colour red symbolizes good fortune and joy.  Red is a symbol of happiness whereas white is traditionally known in China as the colour of mourning. 

So, now you know. :^)

Empty cup!

Special Note:  The above video is from The New Yorker.  

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