Check it.  Biography is conducting a survey to select the 5 famous people we’d all like to have drinks with HERE.  Even better, they’ve set aside a list of “Expert Selections” where celebs favourites are highlighted in a sidebar.  What makes Jason Alexander an “Expert” on people to drink with escapes me, really.  What does he know of drinking with the likes of Mother Teresa and Harry S. TrumanThey’re dead.

Even more to my surprise their current frontrunners are Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein and Jesus Christ.  Although I’m personally enamoured with the late Mr. Einstein, I’m not too certain I’d want to drink with either Christ or Jackson.  I mean, come on.  The paparazzi alone!

Rounding off Biography’s current top ten include the likes of Elvis Presley and Princess Diana.  Aside from President Obama and Johnny Depp, the rest of the frontrunners are dead.  What fun! 

All kidding aside, I look at their list and I wonder where their voter’s heads are at.  I understand wanting to take a little sip of something with someone like #33’s Jon Stewart or #28’s Mark Twain, but seriously, Biography.  Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Justin BieberAre half of these voters even old enough to drink?

Just when I’ve nearly given up on any sense of this list's rational, #65’s George Clooney raises an eyebrow.  He heads up my top 5:

1)  George Clooney

2)  Nora Ephron 

3)  Tom Hanks 

4)  Jay-Z

5)  Steve Martin 

Who are your famous 5?  …And where can I find the wine they've apparently had (below)?

Holy facepalm, I'm afraid to read Natalie MacLean!

I've been snooping around online trying to get a feel for the landscape, and Ms. MacLean absolutely terrifies me!

Mr. New York Times, I truly don't know how I feel about wine just yet and I'm really not much of a drinker.  Forgive me?

Seriously.  From an Amazon Book Description:  Natalie tastes sensuous pinot noir in the ancient cellars of Burgundy.  Are you kidding me?  You have got to be joking, right?  I remember drinking a bottle of something that was a murky ruddy red on a beach in Portugal twenty some years ago.  We'd picked it up with a loaf of bread for a buck on our honeymoon and hit the beach to watch the sunset.  A stray dog kept trying to hump another stray in his ear behind our picnic spot, I kid you not, and the fisherman standing a few yards down the beach playing with his pole kept leering.  That's pretty much as good as it gets here.  That and homemade rose petal wine someone gave me about a dozen years ago for my birthday.  I swear it was like drinking a bottle of dollar store perfume.  Not that I've made a habit of drinking dollar store perfume (I'm trying to cut back - I swear!), but pinot noir in the ancient cellars of Burgundy?  

Thank you, Natalie.  Thank you for intimidating the absolute shite out of me.

To absent friends,
Look at this.  Isn't it pathetic?  It's like I went out shopping last night and all I could afford was 1/2 of one of Madonna's fancy pointy bras.  

By comparison, check out Reverse Wine Snob's statistics.  Reverse Wine Snob is my first official Twitter follower, so I'm going to plug the heck out of him.  Can't help myself, I'm Canadian.
Funny thing is...  Seriously...  Look at the rhythm in our graphs.  It's like the tempo we've got happening here is pretty much the same until I swooped in last night with my pointy bra for the win.  You can check out Reverse Wine Snob's statistical info HERE.  Better yet, please check out his site.  Really great information for anyone looking for superior wines on a budget.

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Just spent three hours on Twitter checking out Canadian vineyards and other bloggers and I've gotta tell you, it was pretty intimidating.  To make matters worse, The Biebs just wouldn't let up.  Every time I refreshed my page, he would keep turning back up.  It's beyond me why Justin Bieber would keep reappearing while I was searching for Canadian wines?  Then it occurred to me, maybe our sweet little crooner has a bit of problem...? 

I started searching at first alphabetically for Canadian wineries with thanks in part to this site.  But one thing lead to another and I kept linking from one vineyard to the next.  I think I've pretty much covered the As, tomorrow I'll be hitting the Bs.  I think I'm somewhere around 250 vineyards last count - and you have to check out my first official follower, Reverse Wine Snob (I think he's pretty clever).

Thing is, Santa?  I don't know about Justin but I'm putting in a new request this nearly Christmas Eve.  At 250 vineyards and counting, could you please scratch those two microphones, I think I'm gonna need a new liver instead!

“You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down.” ~ Ray Bradbury
Yes.  It seems I am in a pretty bad state, but I promise you I'll get better.

I know nothing about wine.  Not a lick.  What better way to see this great country of ours than to be schooled one vineyard at a time?

Right now, I'm looking to make some icewine.  'Tis the season and all.  I've given icewine away as a gift at Christmas for a number of years now, but I've never really tried it.  I mean, I did once - on vanilla ice-cream, but while everyone else oohed and awed around me, I gagged.  If they made icewine for chocolate ice-cream, then I bet we'd get along just fine.

So, here I go.  I'm off on my grape trip.  Why The Grape Trip?  Because The Grape Escape was already spoken for ten times over.  And, frankly, I want to find out what all of the fuss is about.  What's the big deal about wine?

There probably won't be too much to see in terms of video for the next little while.  I will be blogging while I find my feet and figure out how to tackle this elephant.  They say one bite at a time - but apparently I'm gonna have to drink it...