Behind the scenes of the making of Niila's video - shot with a cellphone. 
The White Star Line preferred to serve white wines over reds because the vibration from the Titanic's engines churned up the sediment in their reds.  When the ship went down, approximately 1,500 passengers went with her - and, coincidentally, 1,500 bottles of wine.  For a super account of wines and the Titanic, check out this great little blog HERE.
There's a lovely little syllabub recipe from Nigel Slater HERE.  Dozens of others online.  A great way to use up any sweet wines over the holidays.  Cheers!
What would happen if I collected two bottles of wine every week and I tasted one of 'em and stuck the second in a cellar...?  Come the end of 2014, if all goes well, (ie: I'm able to generate more interest and sponsorships to make this worth my while), what if I held a draw?  What if one of The Grape Trip's followers from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Central Ontario or regions south of North Bay would be GIFTED the lot of 'em?  Fifty-two bottles of vino, just in time to ring in another New Year.


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