What would happen if I collected two bottles of wine every week and I tasted one of 'em and stuck the second in a cellar...?  Come the end of 2014, if all goes well, (ie: I'm able to generate more interest and sponsorships to make this worth my while), what if I held a draw?  What if one of The Grape Trip's followers from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Central Ontario or regions south of North Bay would be GIFTED the lot of 'em?  Fifty-two bottles of vino, just in time to ring in another New Year.


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Cheers! :^)
Donna Soutar Bilan
12/3/2013 06:05:19 pm

When you say south of North Bay, you do mean to include North Bay... Correct? ;)

Heather Baillie-Brown/The Grape Trip
12/4/2013 12:42:34 am

Damn straight. :^) Just can't guarantee delivery per weather. We'd have to make arrangements. I won't be shipping these puppies - I'll have to make sure the winner is within a reasonable driving distance and the roads are safe.


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