Truth be told, this isn't even remotely close to what I was really looking for.  Apparently we have these fancy things called wine caddies.  You know, in the event some would rather sit their wine aside vs. cracking it open.  Call me crazy, but I thought that's what fridges, and wine racks, and cellars were for.  I guess I have a whole lot more to learn about wine than I thought I did.

I suppose it does help make for a much nicer presentation.  You know, for the odd retirement gift, birthday present, or the man who has everything (I believe today these guys are better known as "Hoarders").
Makes perfect sense to pick up a Drummer.  In fact, you could pick up a Drummer, a Fiddler, an Electric Guitar Player, a Sax Player and a Piano Player and have the makings of a really nice little band!  Don't forget to pick up a Jet and a Pharmacist.  I hear all of the better bands usually need those.  Might be a good idea to pick up a Paramedic, too.  You know, just in case.

They are really very lovely pieces of art.  The designer, Guenter Scholz, has a whole lot of talent.  For a better set of examples, see H & K Steel Sculpture's inventory HERE.  

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