Check it.  Biography is conducting a survey to select the 5 famous people we’d all like to have drinks with HERE.  Even better, they’ve set aside a list of “Expert Selections” where celebs favourites are highlighted in a sidebar.  What makes Jason Alexander an “Expert” on people to drink with escapes me, really.  What does he know of drinking with the likes of Mother Teresa and Harry S. TrumanThey’re dead.

Even more to my surprise their current frontrunners are Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein and Jesus Christ.  Although I’m personally enamoured with the late Mr. Einstein, I’m not too certain I’d want to drink with either Christ or Jackson.  I mean, come on.  The paparazzi alone!

Rounding off Biography’s current top ten include the likes of Elvis Presley and Princess Diana.  Aside from President Obama and Johnny Depp, the rest of the frontrunners are dead.  What fun! 

All kidding aside, I look at their list and I wonder where their voter’s heads are at.  I understand wanting to take a little sip of something with someone like #33’s Jon Stewart or #28’s Mark Twain, but seriously, Biography.  Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Justin BieberAre half of these voters even old enough to drink?

Just when I’ve nearly given up on any sense of this list's rational, #65’s George Clooney raises an eyebrow.  He heads up my top 5:

1)  George Clooney

2)  Nora Ephron 

3)  Tom Hanks 

4)  Jay-Z

5)  Steve Martin 

Who are your famous 5?  …And where can I find the wine they've apparently had (below)?

Donna Soutar Bilan
12/30/2012 08:43:03 pm

Love your sense of adventure Miss Heather

Here is my list of who I would like to share a glass of wine with

1) Wayne Dyer

2) Deepak Chopra

3) Justin Trudeau

4) Bill Cosby

5) Vin Diesel

May be a little different than other peoples. Think you may agree that there would be some very interesting conversations arise, well except for the last one and he's just eye candy (sorry Vin) ;)

12/31/2012 05:40:21 am

Thank you, Donna! All the best to you and yours for 2013!

12/31/2012 09:16:36 am

What a great way to think about ringing in the New Year! Here's my top 5:

1. Joss Whedon

2. Hugh Jackman

3. Nathan Fillion

4. Nora Ephron

5. Will Gluck

12/31/2012 09:44:27 am

Nathan Fillion! Ah-ha! ANOTHER Castle fan! I love it!

Happy New Year, Alanna! :D


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