Just spent three hours on Twitter checking out Canadian vineyards and other bloggers and I've gotta tell you, it was pretty intimidating.  To make matters worse, The Biebs just wouldn't let up.  Every time I refreshed my page, he would keep turning back up.  It's beyond me why Justin Bieber would keep reappearing while I was searching for Canadian wines?  Then it occurred to me, maybe our sweet little crooner has a bit of problem...? 

I started searching at first alphabetically for Canadian wineries with thanks in part to this site.  But one thing lead to another and I kept linking from one vineyard to the next.  I think I've pretty much covered the As, tomorrow I'll be hitting the Bs.  I think I'm somewhere around 250 vineyards last count - and you have to check out my first official follower, Reverse Wine Snob (I think he's pretty clever).

Thing is, Santa?  I don't know about Justin but I'm putting in a new request this nearly Christmas Eve.  At 250 vineyards and counting, could you please scratch those two microphones, I think I'm gonna need a new liver instead!



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