I've been just a weeeee bit preoccupied these past several weeks.  Late January, my family decided to step up and adopt a pup.  

I've always wanted a Weimaraner.  I fell in love with the breed well over a decade ago.  After years of, "NO, we're not getting a dog," and "The last thing I want is to come home from work and have to walk a dog" speak, SOMEONE finally buckled.  

Late January, word that my local SPCA had sheltered a few of THESE poor dogs.  The next thing I knew it, I was snuggling in their offices with this shaky little pup.  And, unbeknownst to us, he was a local celeb!
"Pluto" was originally named by Robyn, a local radio DJ (he's pictured on their Facebook page on Robyn's lap), but we thought "Walter" better suited our boy and the rest is history.  Except for one thing.  Apparently, he's MY dog.  Weimaraners have a reputation for bonding with ONE person per household.  So, while he'll tolerate everyone else, he promptly decided that he is MY dog.  Thus, the reason for my sudden disappearance.  I've been tending to my neglected little pup.  More HERE from CTV News on my now 5-month-old pup's rescue.

When we first adopted Walter, he was a very nervous little fellow.  And our once malnourished rickety little man had picked up a couple of parasites.  He was already sixteen weeks old so we'd missed out on a lot training and promptly snapped to work.  We registered Walter for obedience classes, vet checks, and restructured our day to revolve around HIM.  Crate training has been a real chore because of his previous care.  He's terrified of pens or cages, but I've finally convinced him that twenty minutes (it's a start!) in a crate really isn't quite so bad.  End of the first week with us, Walter was trained to sit on command.  By the end of his second week, he could lay down and would go to the door to go out.  He still has the occasional accident, but our house training seems to have worked.  And when visiting Grandma's house, he knows he's to stay on his own special blanket.

Now, the fun part.  I'm back to blogging.  And I'm back - hopefully - to tripping.  Just that looks like a four-legged person might be tripping right along with me.

To Walter,

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