Take one 5-ounce glass of red wine.

Toss one back every night.  Drink to good health because red wine is supposed to be, among other things, "heart healthy."

But wait - first, let's do the math.

One 5-ounce glass x 125 calories per glass = 3750 calories per month.  Keeping in mind there are 3500 calories in every pound, this adds up to a whopping gain of 12.86 pounds every year!  Eek!

Red wine is supposed to be good for me?  This is truly a heart healthy proclamation?  You’d better believe it!  Apparently I’m going to have to RUN to my local wine store every evening to burn those extra calories off - how much "heart healthier" can you get?

Handy Wine Calorie Calculator HERE.


8/10/2021 08:44:36 pm

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