Who'd a thunk it?  That's my dog Smokey up above, circa '79.  When I was about eleven, I received my first camera for Christmas.  One of those fancy Polaroid One Steps.  The first pics I snapped off were of my pup.  Problem was, the instamatic film was so expensive, by the time I had a dozen or so pics of my dog, that was pretty much it for my stint as a photographer for quite some time.  Still, I somehow managed to take this snap.  Never thought I'd actually use it.  Gotta love the orange shag...

When Smokey was much smaller, often times we'd spot him hovering around the foot of my mother's chair.  Every so often at breakfast, she'd slip him a raisin from her toast or a hot cross bun.  Had she known what I've only just recently found out, her sneaky methods to move herself to the front of the pack would have likely involved anything other than raisins.  Turns out, raisins and grapes are highly toxic for dogs.  So much so, they can cause kidney failure and death.

Word is nobody really knows why ingesting raisins and grapes can be fatal for dogs.  Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea within a few hours of eating.  Additional symptoms include lethargy, weakness, loss of appetite and increased consumption of fluids.  Kidney failure typically develops within 48 hours.

Vets induce vomiting to eliminate toxins from the dog's system.  Additional therapies, including intravenous, may also be prescribed.  More on raisin and grape toxicity in dogs HERE and HERE.

Here's to good health - including your dog's!

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