This evening, sometime shortly after 11:00, I'm expecting a phone call from one of the kindest souls I have ever met.  We met just over a decade ago at a seminar in Toronto hosted by the Writer's Guild of Canada.  Over the years we've met on occasion for coffee in the city to discuss our respective projects.  We offer each other opinion, information and advice on all things writing.  The best part?  Neither one of us takes anything personally.  In fact, I welcome her criticism!  I'm grateful for it!  She makes my writing better, tighter, and smarter. :^)

Point being, IT'S MY EDITOR'S BIRTHDAY!  Tonight, I am officially "tasting" my first wine EVER to celebrate!  She's picked up a Shiraz and I've picked up a bottle of Muskoka Lakes Winery's Cranberry Wine.  Word is, THIS is how all of this fancy "tasting" business is done.

Not sure if this stuff will have any legs or not (no grapes in the wine that I'm tasting).  Not a clue how my olfactory bulb will respond during the sniff stage (will it do the funky chicken or fan itself and swoon?).  I'm pretty confident orthonasal refraction will be able to tell this stuff is made out of cranberries because that's what it says here right on the bottle (if they're not in there I'm in trouble).  Sure can't wait to find out if my mucus covered olfactory nerves are working!!!

For those of you who'd like to better navigate the process, more in-depth info on "tasting" wine found HERE.


PS - Looking for something fun to do this winter?  Check out Muskoka Lakes Winery's generous 2 for 1 offer.

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